Hawthorn Creative | Meet Liz
Custom web development, graphic design, branding and marketing in the Southern Berkshires and New York's Hudson Valley
web design, graphic design, marketing, web development, custom website, Berkshires, hudson valley, western Massachusetts, New York
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My work with websites, design & marketing began in 2007. I was studying to be a midwife and I needed work that could fit into my demanding on-call schedule. I had a knack for understanding technology, an eye for design and a fearless do-it-yourself attitude which carried me through the long, weary nights it took to learn my new craft. I was initially surprised that supporting clients through the design process, launching new businesses or revamped existing ones felt quite similar to my work as a midwife.

Fast forward 9 years: I did become a midwife. I also met the love of my life, had a baby myself, and paused my midwifery practice so that I could be more available to my son. All the while I’ve continued this work of supporting clients in various stages of their businesses. Recently I’ve realized that this is the most gratifying aspect of my work: providing guidance and support where it’s needed.

I’ve developed such a love for design: color, fonts, layout. I photograph all objects which spark my creativity: handmade paper, the way the light lands on the stream near my home, the pattern made by slate pavers in the garden. My aesthetic tends to be clean, simple, and inspired by nature, though I strive to create materials that resonates with my clients aesthetics.

The technology involved in website development, SEO and design is constantly changing and evolving, therefore so am I. I keep a keen eye on Google, Adobe, and the WordPress codex, so that I can continue to offer my clients websites developed according to best practices that will serve them for many years.